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Troubleshooting of portable Dental Unit



Suction can not work in normal in operation.
Suction switch closed.
Check the suction switch.
Open the suction switch.
Suction pipe inside of box bended.
Remove operation panel, check the suction pipe.
Re-fix the suction pipe well.
Suction is powerless in operation.
The switch of suction is closed or filter is blocked.
Check the switch of suction and the internal filter.
Open the suction switch, clean inner filter core
Suction generator is blocked
Remove the dirt bottle to check whether the suction generator is blocked.
Clean the suction generator and re-fix it back.
Dirt bottle didn’t tight well, or crack with the cover, air leaking
Check the dirt bottle, check the bottle cover.
Tight the dirt bottle or replace the cover.
Water and air leakage in 3-way syringe
The core of 3-way syringe is not restored, or have impurities or O-ring is failed.
Check the water and air button of 3-way syringe
Clean or replace the o-ring.
Handpiece can not spray  water while rotating.
Distilled water has been used up.
Check the water volume of water tank.
Add some more water
Air switch of water bottle does not open or can not work
Check the air switch of water bottle
Open the air switch or replace it
Water volume regulator was closed.
Check the water volume regulator.
Adjust the water volume regulator or replace it.
Handpiece water leaking when not in operation.
Air & water distributing valve fails to function, or there is impurities in core.
Remove one side of the  valve, take out faucet, spring and valve core, check the O ring.
Clean the valve core or replace the O ring.
The foot control is not restored.
The pressure gauge does not decrease when foot control is put up. Check foot control, check the valve core and O ring.
Loosen the cover of foot control, make it act freely, clean the core or replace the O-ring
Fiber optic handpiece, no LED light source in operation.
Less air flow, can not open the air valve in power box.
Check the handpiece air flow regulator.
Set the handpiece air flow regulator correctly.
Wire connection loose with the power box.
Check the power box.
Remove the operation panel, fix all wire connection well.
Ultrasonic Scaler can not work in operation.
Wire connection of the power set PCB is loose or failed.
Remove the operation panel, check the PCB light, check all wire connection.
Fix all wire connection well or replace the PCB.
Ultrasonic Scaler work without water
Air switch of clean water tank is closed
Check the water tank air switch
Open the water tank air switch
Scaler water supply regulator is closed
Check the water supply regulator
Turn on more of water supply regulator
Distilled water has been used up.
Check the water volume of water tank.
Add some more water
Scaler solenoid valve is failed.
Remove the operation panel, check the solenoid valve.
Re-fix wire connection of solenoid valve or replace it.
Ultrasonic scaler with water leaking
Solenoid valve care with impurities.
Remove the operation panel, find the solenoid valve, open it and check the core.
Clean the valve core and re-fix it.
LED curing light can not work
No power supply to the power set or it is failed.
Remove the operation panel, check the power set of LED curing light.
Connect to electric power replace the power set.
Curing light handpiece is failed.
Check the curing light handpiece.
Replace the curing light handpiece
Air Compressor can not work in normal.
Power connection with mistake
Check if the power supply is connected correctly
Connect the power supply correctly
The fuse is blown
Check the fuse.
Unplug the plug socket, open the fuse cover, replace the fuse.
Wire connection to electric power supply fall off or electronic components loose.
Remove the operation panel, check the inside wire connection and electronic components.
Find a professional engineer connect all wires according to circuit diagram
Compressor working for long time, overload protected.
Stop the compressor for cooling till temperature drop down.
Air compressor keeps working and can not be stopped
Air pipes broken or lose.
Remove operation panel, check all air pipes connection.
Connect all air pipes well or replace it.
Leaking from solenoid valve.
Remove the operation panel, find the solenoid valve, check where here is impurities with the core.
Clean the valve core or replace the solenoid valve.
Suction leaking or leakage from air pipes.
Check the suction and all air pipes connection, and all connectors.
Turn off suction, tight all air connect all air pipes well or replace it.
Pressure switch is failed
Check whether the pressure switch can work in normal
Adjust or replace the pressure switch
The unit is stopped, but compressor working stop and restart automatically. 
Air pipes with leaking.
Check all air pipes connection, listen the sound or test with soap water.
Check all air pipes connection, avoid leaking.
Air leaking from check valve.
After compressor stopped, check whether here is air leaking from solenoid valve.
Remove check vale, clean the inner core.
The unit with too much shake and high noise, compressor can not start.
Electric voltage is too low.
Check the electric power voltage with multimeter
Wait till voltage is stable or equip with a voltage stabilizer.

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