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Maintenance of Prophy-Mate neo


• Cleaning of Prophy-Mate neo after use and regular maintenance are required.
( Failure to do so may cause powder blockage, water leakage, etc. )


• If cleaning powder remains in the powder case, powder may solidify, and may cause clogging.

• Before use, thoroughly dry the coupling, handpiece, hose joint section of the powder case, inside of the powder case, and nozzle. Also, perform idle running with air alone to blow off any internal water.

• In order to prevent clogging with powder, make sure to perform ultrasonic cleaning once a week.



Care After Use - Removal of the cleaning powder

After removing the cleaning powder in the powder case, perform idle running with air alone to discharge water and powder in the nozzle.


Blow off the powder remaining in the powder case with air.


After fitting the blower nozzle to the coupling joint, connect the blower nozzle to the joint of the handpiece and perform idle running with air alone for more than 5 sec.


Connect the blower nozzle to the tip of the nozzle, and perform idle running with air alone.

 When performing idle running, hold the nozzle tightly with fingers not to come off with the air pressure.



Care After Use - Cleaning

Carefully clean the inside of the joint section of the handpiece and the O-ring section of the powder case with the attached cleaning brush.


If powder remains around the O-ring sections, remove the O-rings with tweezers and clean the place where the O-rings were.


Apply a drop of the provided turbine oil to the O-ring of the powder case, and rub it with a finger and others.

 Failure to lubricate may cause troubles, such as unsmooth handpiece connection, and water leakage 



All the parts are autoclavable. Perform autoclave sterilization up to 135°C after cleaning.
ex.) Autoclave for 20 min. at 121°C, or 15 min. at 132°C.
In case the sterilizer chamber temperature could exceed 135°C during the drying cycle, skip the drying cycle.


Ultrasonic cleaning

 Be sure to do this once a week and after operating Troubleshooting.

Be sure to remove the cleaning powder and clean it prior to ultrasonic cleaning.


After removing the rubber packing, detach the powder case cover from the cover holder.

Rinse them with running water.

Perform ultrasonic cleaning with hot water. 


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