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To keep your oral health


Keeping your teeth in good health is important. Unfortunately many people realize this only when they begin to have problems with bad breath, cavities or gingivitis. Actually, it doesn't require big efforts to keep your oral health. With minimal time and effort, you can maintain both your oral and body health. Otherwise, you will need to spend a fortune on long and expensive treatments.


Brushing and flossing the teeth is a necessity that should be done regularly in order to avoid above mentioned problems. People who neglect these simple things find their oral health deteriorated and such problems like cavities or tartar formation to appear.


The way you brush your teeth is also important. You should use a electric toothbrush with soft bristles and brush them with a circular motion. The use of mouthwash that contains fluoride is recommendable, in case you don't have enough time to brush the teeth. As a rule, the teeth should be brushed two times a day for both kids and adults. If the little children do this regularly, they will be able to prevent the widespread childhood tooth decay. Some experts even recommend people to brush their teeth after each meal. However, business people with busy way of life will find it difficult task, so they can apply a mouthwash instead.


A healthy diet is also very important in maintaining a good oral health. Do not forget to drink a lot of water no matter how busy you are. Avoid consuming a lot of snacks throughout the day, as this will cause harm to the teeth and will prevent the production of enough saliva. The role of saliva is to wash the tiny food particles from the oral cavity and to lessen the acids. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables (preferably fresh) should be eaten every day. Avoid fat foods and consume low fat or fat free foods instead. Dairy products, fish, lean beef, peas and dry beans are good foods for keeping your teeth healthy.


Everyone should have regular consultation with professional dentists and take preventive treatment against the diseases. If you visit your dentist frequently then he can inspect the symptoms of different diseases and alert of any possible problems beforehand. It has been seen in cases of several people that symptoms of fatal oral diseases often remain overlooked which consequently create big sufferings.You can use some dental equipment during the home dental care practice.


You should always use soft-bristle toothbrushes that are very comfortable for mouth. It is essential that you brush your teeth at least couple of times a day. You should also make sure that you use good toothpaste as advised by your dentist. The toothpaste must contain fluoride so that plaque and bacteria can be eliminated from the gums. The effectiveness of fluoride helps to prevent cavities and other gum diseases.


As food is the source of all energy, we should all be conscious of it. Foods containing nutrient elements are really helpful for cavities and diseases in gums. People should be careful of drinking fluoridated water as excessive amount of fluoride can destroy teeth as well as bones. Try to reduce the use of excess sugar as this causes damage to the teeth.

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