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RESmart Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C
  • RESmart Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C

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RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C


RESmart BMC-630C est une nouvelle CPAP machine intelligente, applicable pour les traitements d’OSAS à domicile et à l’hôpital.  Sa fonction du contrôle unique et intelligent a beaucoup changé changed la mauvaise compliance de CPAP traditionel, et a offert une mode de vie plus sécurisée et plus comfortable pour les patients. 

L’affichage LCD Backlit permet une operation facile dans la nuit; les boutons anti-misopération en silicone assure la silence pour les patients.


Caractéristiques :

1. Durable , reliable, steady as a rock

2. Using a special dedicated turbines for the treatment of patients with persistent pressure to provide 4 ~ 20hPa of ;

3. Unique Manual P function can be adjusted manually using the patient during the treatment of stress , comfort and freedom of the regulation ;

4. Pipeline automatic drying technology , effectively extending the life of the pipeline , saving maintenance costs ;

5. Heated humidification anti- reflux, safe and comfortable

    Constant through integrated design InH2TM humidifier , wet gas stream is heated to reduce the irritation of the respiratory tract , reduce the side effects of nasal airway resistance and significantly improve patients' compliance ; unique design prevents reflux of liquid into the host using safer

6. Ramp easily fall asleep

     Adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes delayed booster function , to help patients fall asleep easily , reducing suited to the wearer's sense of early.

7. Multiple compensation , meticulous

    Advanced pressure sensor technology , automatically leak compensation to ensure the accuracy of the treatment ; altitude compensation, it can work in any corner of the world .

8. Always protecting and caring

    Intelligent system monitoring and timely warning in case of unexpected power outage , the time to protect patient safety.

9. Human design, considerate

    Backlit LCD display for easy nighttime operation ; misuse of touch with anti- silicone keys, so that patients sleep peacefully



Operating Pattern: CPAP

Pressure Release: YES

Pressure Range: 4-20CMH20 

Noise: <30dB

Suitable For: Mild to moderate snoring,obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Measurement: 220*194*112mm

Weight: 2.0KG


The machine does not suitable for these people

A.Medicine identified as central apnea syndrome who

B.Central-type suspension by more than 30% higher than the proportion of mixed apnea syndrome by

This machine is not permitted to these people

A.Bulla serious disease

B. Pneumothorax



E. Cerebrospinal fluid penetration, recent surgery or trauma, cranial

F. Patients with a specific disease by a doctor who asked not suited ventilator



respirateur artificiel

respirateur artificiel à domicile


RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C


RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C


RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C


RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C


RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C


RESmart® Respirateur CPAP Intelligent BMC-630C

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